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School Stationery Hampers Project (SSHP)

It is with  gratitude and a thankful heart that we endeavor to continue with our School Stationery Hamper Drive. We have found in recent years that the need for education in children has increased. More children are excited and willing to go back to school knowing that all of their needs are met. In the past, numerous learners have stayed home upset and depressed for the lack of stationery. Through SGOM and SSHP, learners  have once again displayed an interest in being at school regularly. Absenteeism has decreased and numerous learners have improved on their academic  achievements.

It gives us great pleasure here at SGOM to see what a difference that something like stationery (which many take for granted) can make in the life of a child. We find joy in seeing a smile on the face of a little boy or girl. The results and outcome of the  donation of stationery create a purpose and drive in us to want to continue to increase and build this Project.  Stationery and school bags are  received from our Donors, which is then sorted into different grades, for the numerous different  schools we donate to. The school hampers are then packed into individual bags for each and every learner. Distribution then takes place where  each child is visited at school and given a hamper face to face.  We are extremely grateful to our Donors and Sponsors for their generous contribution to  SGOM and this Project.  To our Staff and Volunteers, thank you for your assistance and contribution to this Ministry. Your assistance in packing and distributing the stationery from time to time is of great help. This project currently fills the needs of over 10 000 learners. This year, our goal is to reach out to 50 000 learners.

The needs keep growing so do the number of learners.  We look forward to hearing from Potential Donors and Sponsors. We as parents understand,  and acknowledge the need and importance of stationery. It is imperative in the education and development of a child’s intellect and well being. All donations  and sponsorships will be gladly accepted, in cash or kind.  Our banking details are on this site. 

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