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Word From Our Founder

We have a beautiful country with beautiful people from different cultures and ethnic groups. We as a nation have a barrier that separates the rich from the poor. That barrier is money. At SGOM our mission is to empower the less fortunate with skills and education so that they will one day be self supporting. Our aim is to acquire land in New Glasgow (Hazelmere, KwaZulu-Natal), which will have facilities that can be used to empower the less fortunate people of the community.


SGOM intends to open a Bible school which will train people to become missionaries to enable them to go out and spread the Good News and assist the people to find Joy in Jesus our Saviour. We also intend on running a feeding program to take care of daily needs, provide accommodations for the homeless and destitute, and run classes and clinics for people infected with HIV and other diseases that may be life threatening.


For us at SGOM this seems to be a massive project. However, with the Lord on our side and partners like you, we can fulfil the dreams of many people that are in need. I believe that we are a blessed people with all that we are called to share from our abundance with those who are in need.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people who desperately needs our help. Let’s do it together as a team.

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